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About Our Hearing Center

Timothy JonesTimothy Jones M.A., CCC-A, FAAA.

San Juan Hearing Center is the oldest private audiology/hearing aid practice in the Four Corners area that was established in 1984.  We are dedicated to serving the hearing needs of people with hearing loss through the latest advancements in hearing instrumentation.

At San Juan Hearing Center, we know that every person's hearing loss is as individual as a thumb print.  To find the best solution, careful analysis of your particular needs, lifestyle, expectations, anatomy and budget, as well as your hearing loss is essential.  Our goal of matching the technology to the individual means we offer the most advanced products on the market from the leaders in hearing instrument manufacturing. 

We are proud to offer the best value you can get for your hearing care dollar.  Unlike many sales oriented offices, you are seen by an audiologist, not a sales person, who will perform all testing, fitting and follow-up.  This means a professional with advanced training will be there to help you overcome your hearing difficulties.

Timothy Jones has worked as a licensed clinical audiologist in the Four Corners' area since 1991 after graduating with a Masters Degree from The Wichita State University.  In 1994 he purchased San Juan Hearing Center and set out to build a full-service hearing care practice focused on helping individuals with hearing loss obtain complete and professional help through the use of the most advanced and sophisticated hearing instruments on the market.

"With a solid educational background and 25 years of clinical and hearing instrument experience I have seen and kept up with the incredible improvements in hearing aid and testing technology.  These improvements allow us to help those with hearing loss in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago.  These advancements also are easier and more accurate than ever before.  Make an appointment today and let's discuss your hearing loss needs and discover what you have been missing.